All BFHG members are asked to complete a "Profile". Your Profile is where some of your online details can be reviewed and changed, e.g. your email address, password etc. Some other actions are also available, such as subscribing/unsubscribing from Forum categories or viewing/accessing articles you have submitted. When viewing another member's Profile, different actions are available such as sending Private Messages, viewing a list of other persons' submitted articles or more drastic actions such as blocking others from contacting you!

After you have registered, all basic operations relating to what you can do on the website as a member of the Group are accessible via the "Member" menu area. N.B. Before logging-in, a minimum set of options will show, and the ones relevant to this article will not be displayed until you log into the site.

Although your Profile (of necessity) includes your name and email (that you provided at the Registration stage), these are not visible and are not disclosed to other members. Some of the images that follow will illustrate this.

In its entirety, the Profile includes your name, your chosen 'username', your email, any Badham Family Group Associations (that you know of), any research you have undertaken (formal or informal), and any wider research or other interests.

Your USERNAME is your identity on the Portal. No doubt members will learn more about other members in time, but if you wish to remain anonymous you can do so by ensuring you only ever use your Username on the site.

As a registered Group member you can see all other registered members' Profiles, but with the above restrictions.

The Profiles are searchable so you can try and find common interests - and, you never know, you may even find distant relations you never knew about if it proves that your research discoveries link up with other members!

Profile Views

The view you see (and the way functions operate) on a Profile Page will differ depending on whether you are looking at your own, or another member's. When viewing your own (by selecting "View or Edit My Profile" from the Member menu), you can change your Profile at any stage by clicking on the "Edit" dropdown and then clicking "Update Your Profile". From there you will be able to change your Username, Password and registered email address. N.B You should only change your Username in exceptional circumstances, as this may mean you will lose contact with other members who only recognise you by this means. You will also be able to enter or update your "Contact Info" (see figure below).

Other tabs allow you to see a list of articles you may have had published, any Forum posts, any users you may have 'blocked', and a summary of messages.

View of Personal ("Your") Profile Page:

View of editable Contact Info:

Simply change any of the information followed by clicking the "Update" button to save. N.B. You will notice that your Username and your membership number cannot be changed. In regard to your Username, please contact the Portal administrator if you wish to change this, only there are other internal steps that need to be taken to ensure you will be able to log in with a new name (as well as retain your existing information).

View of another Member's Profile Page:

Other BFHG member Profiles are available by using the "User List" link under the "Member" menu. Once you see the user in the list, just click on their Username.

The major differences in the view between your own and another member's Profile are that instead of an "Update Your Profile" link, that will change to "View Your Profile" (which will just take you to your own Profile), but there will be extra links allowing you to send a message and report a user to the Portal administrators for any 'misdemeanours', which hopefully you won't have to use! Another tab, "Blocking", will enable you to block a user contacting you, e.g. while a complaint is dealt with.

The general  'rule of thumb' is that as well as viewing another member's Profile, actions you want to take involving that user are undertaken by accessing the othe member's Profile Page. The view below also explains some of the other information shown: