Navigating the BFHG website will depend on the device you are using.

When using a desktop (e.g. PC or MAC) computer, or using other devices (e.g. iPad or Android tablets) with larger screens, the main (horizontal) menu near the top of the site will display links to most of the content available, including member functions such as registration, logging-in and member Profiles.

When using a small screen size device (e.g. a smaller tablet or Smartphone), the Main menu will not show any items. However, clicking the 'Hamburger' menu link* will cause a slideout menu to be displayed and show most key links. The down 'chevron' symbol indicates further items - clicking on this will reveal the items and an up chevron symbol will appear, while clicking on the up chevron will collapse the menu.

All users with touchscreen devices are advised to use the sidebar menu (via the 'Hamburger' menu) irrespective of their screen size to overcome any difficulties encountered with the Main menu. This is because some older touchscreen systems do not react helpfully when working with the main menu (e.g. drop down sub menu items collapse up before they can be clicked).

If at any stage you get 'lost', you can click on the BFHG logo in the website header, which will always take you 'Home'. In addition, a feature called 'Breadcrumbs' appears under the Main menu (think of 'a trail of breadcrumbs') that can be used to backtrack/retrace your steps, or get back to Home.

A very useful feature is a 'Back to Top' button, which appears as an up arrow within a circle to the lower right of the screen. This appears when you have scrolled a certain extent down any web page, and when clicked takes you directly to the top of the page, e.g. to select another menu item. 

*A menu link popular on mobile phone apps denoting a menu function - can be described as three horizontal lines stacked vertically, e.g.