Badham Delvings and the One Name Study

We are delighted to announce that Peter Badham has agreed to allow the first four chapters of the Delvings book to be made available free of charge to registered members of the Family History Group.

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Herefordshire Gap Project now complete!

This position update provides details of the 'gap-filling' exercise covering prioritised parish records research for key Badham-related Herefordshire parishes...

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A benefit of the upgraded Portal facilities is a much-improved member Profile area, e.g. now with the ability to view subscribed-to Forum categories (and with the ability to quickly unsubscribe).

Another 'feature' (which for some can often be followed by " it or loathe it"!) is the ability to choose a 'personalised' Profile background image. N.B. Please ensure you are logged-in before attempting any of the following.

When you first access your Profile following the upgrade, you may see a blank (drab, grey) Profile background, such as the following:

View of Profile minus a background image:

If you want to make things a bit more jolly, you can choose an image from a selection. At the moment there are a limited number available (great if you enjoy the islands of Karpathos and Santorini), however we may move to a wider selection in the future!

To choose (or change) your background you need to edit your Profile. Click on the "Edit" link above the existing background and choose "Update Your Profile" as in the image below:

View of page for Updating Your Profile:

Ensure you have selected the "Canvas" tab to see the above. Then select the dropdown saying "No change of image" and you will see the following:

Now choose the "Select image from gallery" option to see something along the lines of the following:

By clicking on the selector to the left of an image you can choose a background. Now click on the "Update" button.

Voilà! On returning to your Profile you should have your chosen image either replacing the old one or the boring grey panel!!