by Harold Badham

Most church records give only the basic details for baptisms, marriages and burials, but occassionally the incumbent has thought fit to add some comment some of which are given below.


St Giles, Rowley Regis, (Sts)

15th March 1797
Sarah wife of Joseph Parkes of Cradley aged 96 Buried

Married Joseph Parkes aged 64 in 1785. Had a paralytic stroke in 1793 when J.P. told the minister if God took her he hoped to be resigned but if his will he should rejoice to work for her a few years. J.P. taken ill the same day, died in 3 weeks. Buried by his first wife at Halesowen.

Cradley (Wor)

6th February 1794
Moses Nock of Cradley

Who not having the fear of God notoriously ill treated 2 wives. He dropped down in his own yard on the 1st inst & lay exposed to very inclement weather until the 3rd when he was found in a shocking condition in which he languished till the 4th at 9am.

(But who knew that it was the 1st that he dropped down!)


Ballingham (Hef)

14th August 1797
James base son of Elizabeth Greenaway

Her husband being transported nearly ? years (number unreadable).

10th August 1798
Ths  Cox

Was buried without ceremony being excommunicated at the suit of Rev M. Bagnall for tythes on the common land omitted to be paid. Th Cox being the second for the same. (Mary Link buried 12th May 1785 appears to be the first).


Bosbury (Hef)

8th October 1832
Elizabeth dau of William & Sarah Bennett? of Hereford - Chaffman

A wandering woman confined in a cask on the Bosbury road.

10th June 1809
Elizabeth Bennett an infant

This child was bitten by an Asp, vulgarly called an Asker? & died in about 6 hours.


Coddington  (Hef)

10th August 1800
Jacob Chance

A child brought by night & left in a manger at Mr Brewer’s buildings about midsummer 1799.


Mordiford (Hef)?

25th July 1823
Mary Anne dau of James & Margaret Jones

This child was received into the congregation over the mother’s corpse.


Much Marcle (Hef)

11th February 1807
John  Pickthorn

Killed by a kick given by his fellow servant bailiff to -------

[ I believe the fellow servant was a Richard Badham - there is a case record somewhre in TNA. PB 24-05-2014]


Stoke Edith (Hef)

10th October 1708
Morgan a poor wanderer

This poor Welshman went about naked & would not endure clothes or shawl upon him.

17th September 1746
John  Newton

He had been servant to the rectors of Stoke Edith 58 years & discharged that duty with great honesty.


Tarrington (Hef)

27th February 1807
James Preece  an infant

Died by drinking hot water out of the spout of an iron kettle.

26th April 1809
John Walker a wheelwright

Who was burnt to death endeavouring to get a mare out of a building that was in flames. The building fell in upon him & he perished in the flames.

15th May 1809
William Williams

Whose death was occassioned by a tree rolling on him in the act of stripping bark.


Unknown parish (Hef)


Set fire to bedding & with great presence of mind jumped out of window hit head on rock & broke neck.