Additional content on the medieval ap Adam families of Gwent can be accessed here.

This area, over time, will include a number of pedigree charts covering the ap Adam dynasty. Because the families were both extensive and wealthy, a number of versions can be found, and are grouped together here with other, linked pedigrees. These have been drawn from various charters and chroniclers/historians' researches and records, some of which have been commissioned by other families. We need to bear in mind that some of these are contentious (such as the Herbert/Earls of Pembroke) but they offer the opportunity for some fascinating research and potentially allow us to move to establish a more complete and accurate picture of the ap Adam line, including a possible challenge to some of the previous opinions on them.

As this area is under construction, please note the content is still being worked on and the means of its presentation rather experimental! For instance if you find it difficult to work with the embedded images and zoom facility, you can always download the associated PDF file and use that to examine the charts. Also, we are adding charts as part of our experiments to make such material accessible, so at present we are starting with the chart of Adam ab Iorwerth (Adam Gwent). We also hope to add more information such as background and explanations.

In particular, you are invited to undertake your own examination of the charts and do please provide any observations using the comment facility as below. You'll need to bear in mind that a decent knowledge of the Welsh language has been required for the research to have reached this stage so you may have a few problems with pronunciation etc. This may also include how names have been transcribed, which may mean that the same or very similar sounding names when pronounced in the Welsh vernacular may not appear to be the same in print to a non-Welsh speaker!

Enormous credit and most grateful thanks are due to our BFHG member Magdalyn1469 (a Welsh speaker!) who has undertaken the research so far.

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