In order to research  the connection between the Badham name and its potential origin from the ap Adam dynasty founded in the 13th century by Adam ab Iorwerth (Adam Gwent), it is worth taking a fresh look at some of the pedigrees proposed over recent centuries.

The charts have been made from a compilation of various pedigrees mainly drawn from the nineteenth and twentieth century work of Thomas Wakeman, c 1788-1868; Joseph Bradney, 1859-1933; and Peter C Bartrum, 1907-2008 who in turn drew on earlier work. There are a few instances where a line of descent has been modified because charter evidence, now more easily available, makes the original line improbable. In addition much of Bartrum’s work is his interpretation of the original manuscripts housed at the National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. These originals are still being transcribed but in many cases they are not primary sources such as original charters or taxation returns. Note the curious anomalies when comparing the pedigrees, a sure indication that this material needs to be treated with considerable caution and sound standards of research applied.

If you feel you can add or amend anything contained in these pedigrees using original sources, please do not hesitate to contact us or just send your views and comments using the feedback facility below.

N.B. The contents of this document have been compiled as part of an ongoing research process and the descents shown should only be treated as indicative of lines for further research. A copy of the Genealogical Standards can be found HERE.

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Chart for Adam ab Iorwerth alias Adam Gwent:


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