from the B1NS Newsletter, December 2005

The following text (or similar) appeared in a number of New Zealand based newspapers in 1899:

An aerialist calling himself Captain Lorraine (actually Aucklander David Mahoney) was making an ascent in a gas-filled balloon in Christchurch when his poorly-inflated balloon was blown out to sea. The aerialist was unable to use his parachute and was seen to plunge into the sea with his balloon. He clambered on top of his partially-inflated balloon as it floated for a short time but by the time a boat reached the site, a mile out to sea, Captain Lorraine had drowned.
The interest from a B1NS perspective is contained in a Postscript to one of the articles, as follows:
Captain Lorraine‘s (David Mahoney) last ascent was to advertise MASON’S SAUCE for Charles John Badham of Christchurch. The balloon  was emblazoned with GOOD! IT‘S MASON’S! Mason‘s Sauce was modelled on Worcestershire Sauce. Charles John Badham’s grandfather was John Noake, Mayor of Worcester. Charles John Badham‘s son, Charles Wi Neera Badham, named his daughter born in Wellington on 18 September 1918 Lorraine in honour of the balloonist.




Shown here are a couple of photos that captured the event (at least the take-off). What is not explained is why David Mahoney took the name of “Captain Lorraine” - but at least it made Charles John Badham’s son’s job of naming his daughter a bit easier!