Submitted by Peter Badham

From: “Old and New London: A narrative of its History, its People and its Places”, Vol. 1, c 1888 by Walter Thornbury, Cassell & Co Ltd p.272

A curious old advertisement of 1681 relates to St. Paul's Alley: "Whereas the yearly meeting of the name of Adam hath of late, through the deficiency of the last stewards, been neglected, these are to give notice to all gentlemen and others that are of that name that at William Adam's, commonly called the 'Northern Ale-house,' in St. Paul's Alley, in St. Paul's Churchyard, there will be a weekly meeting, every Monday night, of our namesakes, between the hours of six and eight of the clock in the evening, in order to choose stewards to revive our antient and annual feast.” - Domestic Intelligencer, 1681