The Badham Family History Group (BFHG) evolved from the Badham One Name Society, following a decision by the Society's Committee to dissolve the Society and move to a less onerous and more flexible organisation. It also concluded that most of the work conducting the One Name Study had been undertaken, and adopting the 'Family History' phrase might attract more interest and support, an historic issue with the previous organisation. 

Hence, the BFHG is an 'Unincorporated Association' (the technical term!), where most tasks and responsibilities are undertaken by individuals (and not 'officers' as would be the case in a Society).

As with the previous Society, the Group is kept running by a small number of enthusiastic individuals, with tasks such as research coordination, data/records collection & correlation and website management undertaken by an even smaller number of people. Although we are all amateurs (as pointed out in our disclaimer document), we have a considerable body of knowledge and like to think we are the 'established experts' in the subject of the Badham surname and its variants.

It is important to note that although the Society ran for some 17 years, the Group is in its early days, but as a starting point has adopted the following objectives (that will be reviewed from time to time):


To promote and encourage the study of Badham family history, historical distribution, biography, etymology and related topics

The association will aim to

1. maintain a website devoted to the family and broader history of the ap Adam and Badham surnames and variants

2. provide an online resource for those interested in 1. above to communicate and share information and ideas

3. preserve the legacy of data gathered by the One Name society and where possible add to it

4. make all the data available online subject to Data Protection requirements

5. provide a way of preserving the data in the event that the association shuts down, possibly by the deposit of copies of the data with bodies likely to preserve it for future generations such as the Society of Genealogists and Guild of One-Name Studies.